Bio of the Artist

I have always enjoyed hearing a good story.  One of my fond memories as a child was when my mother would read bedtime stories to my siblings and I til we fell asleep. All those messmerizing fairy tale type words that took me to another place taught me at an early age that the sky was the limit in the land of imagination. One other fond memory for me as a child was on days when there was inclimate weather and I had to play inside.


Those were the times my mother would pull out everything put the kitchen sink for us to use whatever we could find to make whatever our imagination could conjure up. There were scraps of fabric, card board, yarn and paints, buttons of all sizes and shapes, and styrofoam just to name a few. In my opinion, the creative flow back then superseded any adventure video game of today. As a girl, I unknowingly believed the motto of"bringing vision to life."  Now I truly enjoy helping others"bring their vision to life"  utilizing my skills and imagination.  I work best with paints with computer manipulations.  I presently have a budding interest in animation and look forward to releasing some fun interactive stories for young readers.


I received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Massachusetts College of Art and I currently reside in Massachusetts.


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